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Window Wells and Rock

The window wells are metal framework around windows which are installed at or below grade. Window wells protect the window from dirt and water intrusion.  To keep the wells from filling with water, a vertical drain is run up from the weeping tile system.  The drain allows accumulating water in the window well to drain into the weeping tile system.

Rocks are added to window wells to help filter dirt and mud that would otherwise contribute to clogging of the weeping tile system.  The vertical drain must be filled with rock and be clear of dirt and mud.  The window well itself should have a rock cover to improve the appearance.  There is no minimum rock level in the window well, but window wells should not be overfilled with rock or the risk of flooding or breakage of windows will increase.

Pacesetter Warranty Policy:

Common concerns:

  1. Dents – construction damages must be noted on the Occupancy Report. Subsequent damages to the wells are considered “acts of nature” which are caused by hail or storm damage and are therefore exempt from warranty coverage. Damage done by graders must be reported immediately to be eligible for warranty coverage.
  2. Window wells not filled – insufficient rock will be topped up once during the warranty period upon request. Contact Pacesetter Seasonal department.
  3. Window wells pulling away from wall – contact Pacesetter Seasonal department during the warranty period.

NOTE:  Window well repairs and rock top ups are completed mostly throughout the summer months.  Winter work is limited to weather conditions, snow fall amounts and accessability. Therefore no winter completions will be promised.