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The construction of your home is an extensive process with many moving parts, and it’s natural to want to know more about the components of your home and to stay informed throughout the build.

Building Experience
Building Experience
Warranty Service

Homeowner Central

Every Pacesetter home comes with a private account on our home maintenance portal, Homeowner Central. From this account, easily access important documents relating to your home, review construction status updates, and stay on top of timely home maintenance tasks after possession. In addition, access helpful videos on what to expect during your build, as well as seasonal related items, via Pacesetter Academy.

Homeowner Central keeps you informed throughout your new home’s construction stages, and helps you stay on top of regular maintenance tasks after you move in.

Cupolex Radon Mitigation System

Your new Pacesetter home is built with only the latest technology in new home construction. Radon is a dangerous gas that builds up from the soil beneath your home, and if not properly mitigated can seep into your home and cause serious health concerns. That’s why we install a high-quality mitigation system into your home.

Cupolex is a system of preformed domes installed in your basement floor prior to your concrete being poured. This system then creates pockets beneath your basement floor that collect the gas and allow it to vent properly to the outside of your home. Once radon gas reaches the atmosphere outside your home, it is safely dissipated and is rendered harmless.

This product is made from recycled materials and is engineered for superior strength and maximum performance. Not only does Cupolex mitigate radon and other soil-generated gases under your home, but it also provides a more sustainable floor structure, reducing potential cracks and curls in your basement floor. It also contributes to better moisture control and reduces potential for concrete moisture damage.

Framing House

Scheduled Site Visits & Orientation

When you build a new home with Pacesetter, you’ll receive two construction walk-throughs and one pre-possession orientation. The first of your walk-throughs will be when plumbing, HVAC, and electrical have been installed. You’ll have the opportunity to see where and how everything is installed before your drywall encloses it all. It may be helpful to take photos at this walk-through, such as the location of backing boards, so that if you plan to mount a television on the wall when you move in, you’ll know exactly where you’ll be able to do so.

The second of your walk-throughs will be scheduled after your cabinets are installed. The purpose of this appointment is to see your home in a more completed stage of construction. There is still much to do at this stage prior to possession, but it’s an ideal time to discuss any concerns or ask questions about your home while there’s time to address them.

Your pre-possession orientation takes place approximately one week before your assigned possession date. At this orientation, you’ll walk through your entire home, inside and outside, and learn about the important features that operate your home. This includes your furnace and hot water heater, heat recovery ventilation system, sump pump, humidifier, and other important functionalities.

If at any time you wish to view your home outside of these scheduled walk-throughs, you may speak with your Area Sales Manager to discuss potential viewings. Please note, however, that your home is an active construction site, so safety measures must be observed, and excessive visits will affect the timeline of your home’s completion.

Expert Construction Team

Pacesetter Homes employs highly skilled, trained professionals to build your home. Our construction team is a culmination of skillsets, with specialties in carpentry, framing, cabinetmaking, and a variety of other trades. Their extensive knowledge in the complete construction process of your home ensures the home you build stands the test of time.

Our team continuously stays up to date on the latest building codes, modern technologies, and best practices to build a quality home for you and your family.

Construction Worker
Warranty Service

serviceQ Warranty

The quality of your home is important to us, and every Pacesetter home is backed by a vigorous new home warranty program. serviceQ is a newly introduced, comprehensive warranty program included with every new Pacesetter home. Within this program, we’ll cover repairs or service required to keep your home in optimum condition. Conveniently request service via your private account on Homeowner Central.

In addition to coverage from serviceQ warranty, your home is covered by Alberta New Home Warranty. Included in this program is one year of coverage for defects in materials and labour, two years for delivery and distribution systems, five years for building envelope including roof and exterior walls, and ten years for the structural components of your home such as framing and foundation.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your new Pacesetter home is backed by a solid warranty coverage program.