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At Pacesetter, we have solutions so that you can affordably own your new home. Contact us to learn more about our basement and income suites. We can also get you connected to a mortgage broker to get pre-qualified.

What is an Income Suite?

It is a secondary dwelling that is inside or on your homes property which includes basement suites or garden suites. A secondary suite has a separate Kitchen, laundry, sleeping, bathroom, and entrance area from those that the primary occupants use.

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Benefits of an Income Suite

With new buyers looking for affordable housing options in the Edmonton Area, many homeowners are using the extra space in their homes to set up income suites. Whether it’s a garden suite, a basement suite, or an in-law suite, using the extra space in your home has numerous benefits:

  • Generates passive income with long term tenants
  • Income potential with short term rentals such as AirBNB
  • Increase monthly cashflow
  • Pay off your mortgage faster


The benefits of suites extend past income potential to caring for your family:

  • Separate living quarters for adult children in post-secondary or before establishing their own residence
  • Designated living areas for multi-generational living
  • Suite for aging family members

Is an Income Suite Right for You?

Setting up an income suite is a great way to help pay your mortgage, but it’s also a great way to get approved for a mortgage too. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has introduced new regulations that allows 100% of rental income to be factored into your mortgage qualification, the percentage that individuals lenders will allow may vary. This means that the income from this suite will count towards your total income, increasing the amount of mortgage you may qualify for.

Let Renters Pay Your Mortgage

Down payment
Interest rate (annual %)
Amortization (years)
Mortgage payments
Rental income
Type of suite
Net payments
Rental income estimates subject to change. This is not an offer of mortgage and is not binding. Calculation above does not account for any Insurer Premiums. Please confirm qualification and rates with a mortgage specialist.


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