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Every Pacesetter home is constructed to fit your modern needs. In addition to well-rounded, energy conscious standard specifications, your new home contains other elevated features to improve your overall living experience.

Your New Home
Your New Home
Home Automation

Home Otto

A user-friendly, comprehensive home automation system, Home Otto is customized to fit your needs. Installed in every Pacesetter home, this system puts you in control of your home’s security and energy use from any location.

Home Otto is robust with features that go beyond simple lighting control and door locks. It includes home security with no-cost monthly monitoring, home climate control, energy usage monitoring, door lock access logs to see who comes and goes from your home, and all the lighting options you could need, all accessible via an easy-to-use mobile application.

Home Otto uses your home’s blueprints to integrate automation specific to your floor plan. Its artificial intelligence learns your family’s patterns and adjusts temperature settings automatically to conserve energy. Detailed reporting will indicate your energy usage throughout your home, helping you find ways to consciously reduce utility costs.

Your smart home just got a little smarter. The Home and Away feature of this system is the ultimate convenience. Home Otto will learn your lifestyle patterns, such as when you are at home and when you leave, to make automatic adjustments on your behalf. Doors will lock automatically, home climate controls will be adjusted, and home security monitoring will be engaged. If you worry about forgetting to lock the door, Home Otto remembers for you.

If home security is a concern, Home Otto notifies you immediately of suspicious activity. Interrupt intruders remotely with activated panic mode and 911 calls directly from the app.

For all your modern living needs, your home automation system has you covered.

Radon Mitigation System

Radon is a radioactive toxic gas that accumulates in the ground underneath your home. Alberta is rated at Zone 1—a high relative radon hazard—by the Radon Environmental Management Corp, meaning without mitigation, radon can seep into your home causing serious health consequences for your family.

Every Pacesetter home is equipped with Cupolex™️ aerated floors. This modern technology creates open space between the ground and your basement floor, allowing radon to vent away from your home and dissipate safely. This system is highly efficient, and Pacesetter Homes is the first builder to include Cupolex™️ as a standard feature in every home.

Jensen Lakes Ellerston

Elevated Standard Specifications

Your Pacesetter home is equipped with modern specifications to conserve energy and improve the overall quality of your new home. Your home’s air tightness is improved via several measures, including enhanced window and wall sealing, and spray foamed rim boards which reduce your home’s overall energy usage.

Pacesetter Homes offers higher quality finishes, including premium vinyl plank flooring, name brand fixtures, Quartz countertops, and a stunning selection of tile, cabinet designs, and hardware.