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Sump Pump

The Sump pump is used to remove water that has accumulated in a water collecting basin, commonly found in the basement.  Sump pumps are used in conjunction with the weeping tile system to take in and then expel excess water from around the foundation walls due to storms or high water tables where the soil around the home becomes saturated.  Sumps utilize a float system.  The basin fills until it reaches the float.  Once the float rises, it triggers the sensor and turns on the pump to pump water out until the float lowers again.  During heavy storms or spring melt, the sump may run regularly.

The Sump discharge is located outside the home.  The discharge may or may not be tied directly into the storm system.  The discharge takes excess water from the sump basin and directs it outside and away from foundation of the home.

Pacesetter Warranty Policy:

Common concerns:

  1. Motor is not working – contact Pacesetter Homes during the warranty period.
  2. Float is stuck – check to be sure the cords are not wrapped around the float.
  3. Silt in bottom of basin – this is normal and is a part of regular maintenance of the sump.

NOTE:  Sump maintenance should be done along with humidifier and furnace/HRV maintenance.  Check sump operation prior to spring melt and prior to any forecasted rain storms.  Maintenance tips can be found online or by contacting Pacesetter Warranty.