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The Pacesetter Difference

There are a variety of window types that can be installed in your home. The following are the typical window styles in a Pacesetter home:

Casement windows swing outwards like a door to open.

Fixed windows are a framed window that does not open.

Slider windows slide left to right to open.

Single hung windows are windows that have a fixed top pane, and a lower pane that moves up or down.

Pacesetter Warranty Policy:

Common concerns:

  1. Window condensation – window condensation is a humidity issue. Controlling humidity in a newly built home can be difficult over the first couple years. Contact Pacesetter Warranty for information on tips to help control humidity in your home.
  2. Window cracks – impact damage is not covered under warranty. Cracks that develop inside the frame and spread outward has limited warranty. Contact Pacesetter Warranty.
  3. Frames or sills warping – this is typically caused by tight seal on window coverings. Black out blinds, garbage bags or failure to remove winter plastic can cause overheating that will warp PVC windows.
  4. Trim damage – any damage that is not noted on the Occupancy Report will be considered homeowner damage, and will be exempt from warranty coverage.


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January 1, 2017