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Vinyl Siding is an exterior covering around the perimeter of a house, used for decoration and weatherproofing, imitating wood clapboard and used instead of other materials such as aluminum, wood or fiber cement siding. Manufactured primarily from polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC).

Smart Board is a natural form of decorative siding construction with wood strands and fiber.  It is environmentally friendly and stronger than natural alternatives.

J-Trim is a vinyl siding system which is a curved channel that siding planks fit into, used around windows, doors and along the bottom row of siding.

Pacesetter Warranty Policy:

Common concerns:

  1. Dents, cracks – all damages shall be reported on the Occupancy Report. Subsequent damages done by weather are not covered under warranty and shall be repaired through homeowner insurance. Damages done by Seasonal work (grading or concrete installation) must be reported immediately to Pacesetter Warranty.
  2. Incorrectly installed – all installation concerns shall be documented on the Occupancy Report.
  3. Siding falling off – if caused by storms, this is exempt from warranty – contact your insurance company. If no storm conditions exist, contact Pacesetter Warranty during the warranty period.


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January 7, 2017