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CC Valve

A CC valve is a shut-off valve that is connected to a service connection enabling the water to be shut off at a homeowner’s property. The cc can be found in the driveway or in the lawn area.  CC valves can move up or down in the spring as the frost comes out of the ground.  During the warranty period Pacesetter Seasonal department will adjust the level.  Once construction is completed in the area, contact your City or County office.

Pacesetter Warranty Policy:

Common concerns:

CC is above level of concrete or grass or it is too low.

**Contact the seasonal department at seasonal@yourpacesetter.com, and the seasonal coordinator will have the issues rectified.

NOTE:  The CC valve must be visible at all times to ensure the ability for an emergency shut off if required.

After the developer has left the area, contact the City or County to have the CC raised or lowered.