Find Your Home

Choosing to purchase a home is one of the biggest decisions anyone will make in their lives. While owning a home doesn’t always come easy, there are many reasons why people choose to become homeowners.



Gaining equity, having predictable monthly payments and claiming tax benefits are great, but with more people staying at home in the recent months, there can be more to think about when it comes to finding your sanctuary. Here are five more perks of home ownership to consider

Less Sound Transfer

Have you ever woke up to continuous thumping from your upstairs neighbors at odd times of the day? Music and loud steps can be distracting, especially when you’re trying to maintain a tranquil environment at home. Depending on the type of home you’re purchasing, the chances of noise are significantly reduced and there may not be the need to have that awkward conversation with your neighbors to keep the peace.

More Storage

In Alberta, changing your winter tires happens every year. Most rental units don’t come with ample storage space and if they do, there’s generally an extra cost associated with it. Having more storage space in the basement to put your tires, camping gear, and the sentimental artwork your parents pass down to you (but doesn’t quite fit in with your décor) should be in a secure place with easy access.

Freedom to have Pets

It’s no wonder that pets are one of the most trending topics online. As adorable and popular as they are, most rental spaces usually have restrictions when it comes to owning multiple pets. Pet fees come at a monthly cost and by purchasing your own home, no one can give you grief over loving multiple pets at the same time.


Another restriction while renting is the inability to change your wall color or mount large pieces that could potentially leave large holes in the wall. By owning a new home, you have the ability to personalize your entire home and even choose all of your lighting fixtures, countertops, or the style of faucets for each room. You get to set the mood for your gatherings and express your creativity the way you want.

Meeting Life Goals

It’s a common feeling that you’ve reached a mark of adulthood once you purchase your first home. The freedom to make this important decision can feel empowering and change your perspective on life. If home ownership is on your list, it’s likely that you’ll experience a sense of satisfaction knowing that you are one step closer to fulfilling your personal goals!