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Patios are made for sipping, grilling and chilling. Is your backyard oasis ready for summer fun?  A thorough outdoor spring cleaning will make you feel good about using your space and sharing it with friends while maintaining social distance: clean it, decorate it and use it!

First, establish what space you’re working with: is it a balcony, a patio deck or a garden yard? Gather your cleaning supplies and take a few days this season to clean the grill, sweep dirt and sand off the deck or driveway and power-wash away stubborn winter residue. Washing windows inside and out adds instant sparkle and extends your sight lines. Now is also a good time to inspect your property and create a summer To-Do list that you can casually work through over the next few months.  If you are looking for some extra guidance, check out our home maintenance checklist here.

Next, set up and wipe down your patio furniture. Consider adding a playful piece like a hammock or wooden rope swing – it’s a great aesthetic for the ‘Gram and an instant conversation starter.

Complete your outdoor setup with décor: add pillows and cushions for colour, an outdoor rug for dimension and citronella candles and lemongrass plants to help keep the mosquitoes away. Staying stylish with seasonal décor trends can be pricey so try this budget hack: declutter the shed and garage selling unwanted items on Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace or garage sales and apply the proceeds to items on your wishlist. Our designQ centre has lots of unique pieces that you can buy online here.

Making use of your outdoor property can increase living space and boost your mood by being surrounded with nature, so you’ll want to make the most use from all your spaces. Stuck for ideas to transform a bare deck or small balcony? Look for decorating inspiration on apps like Pinterest, dwell or houzz to outfit your outdoor space with the furniture and style that resembles your lifestyle. You can check out some of our favs from our Urban Courtyard Collection here or visit in person.  Trade, barter or catch store reopening sales to bring your concept to life, all starting with the big outdoor spring cleanup!