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Searching for a resale home that has the perfect floorplan for your family? Wouldn’t it be nice to build a home that has every feature you could dream of? If you’re searching for a new home to move into, you’re probably working with a Realtor already (if you aren’t, you definitely should be!). A Realtor can offer years of real estate expertise and the proven professionalism you need during the search and offer process. But, if you’re looking for a house that checks all of the boxes on your dream home list, there’s another professional that you need on your home buying team along with your Realtor: one of our Area Sales Managers.

Build your New Home with a Realtor And a Sales Manager

If you’re buying a new home, one of the first people you should talk to is a Realtor. Even if you don’t have a previous property that you are trying to sell, the experience and convenience that a Realtor brings to the table is worth the time it takes to make the call. Recent surveys have found that upwards of 80% of buyers are enlisting the services of a Realtor to purchase a home, and most of those buyers choose to work with a Realtor for two main reasons:

  1. To forget about all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into searching for a potential property
  2. To get professional insight into the local housing market and industry standards

No matter which way you look at it, working with a Realtor saves you time and money (in some cases, thousands of dollars). But, just because you choose to work with a Realtor, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use their help searching for a newly-built home.

realtor-area-sales-manager-new-home-team-meetingIn some cases, buyers who choose to work with a Realtor might think that their options are limited – they don’t think that building a home is something that their Realtor can help them with, or, they think that their Realtor might not be so keen to shake hands with a new home salesperson.

Forget what you’ve heard before – a Realtor and an Area Sales Manager can, and SHOULD work together! Both professionals have an important part to play in getting you into your dream home, and we make it easy for your Realtor to work with one of our amazing Sales Managers!

Why Work With Our Area Sales Managers?

If you’re even considering building the home of your dreams, you need to speak with one of our Area Sales Managers. No matter what your current situation, a Sales Manager can work with you and your Realtor to help find a new home that suits your needs and fits your budget. Even if you aren’t sure that a certain home style or model is right for you, a Sales Manager can help you with programs and options that will get you into your new home!

Every one of our Sales Managers has a single goal in mind: getting you into the perfect home. Our salespeople know that the homebuilding process is built on an ability to communicate honestly and well. When you and your Realtor meet with a salesperson in one of our show homes, you’re guaranteed accurate information, the best service, and a trusted confidant that you can rely on during the homebuilding process.

What about my Realtor?

Why work with one of our Area Sales Managers and a Realtor? Aren’t their jobs the same thing? Does a Realtor lose money because they are working with a salesperson?

realtor-area-sales-manager-new-home-team-viennaIn some ways, the job of a Realtor and a Sales Manager do overlap, but the most important distinction is the knowledge of a builder’s product that an Area Sales Manager can bring to the table. When you come into one of our show homes with your Realtor, the Sales Manager can show you the communities, home styles, models, floorplans, and finishes that you can combine and alter to create the home of your dreams. Once you and your Realtor are happy with what you see, our Sales Managers can work with your Realtor as you continue the homebuilding process.

As far as your Realtor losing money when they work with our Area Sales Managers, we can guarantee that your Realtor will receive full commission if you choose to build a home with Pacesetter. We believe that finding the right home for every family is the most important part of our job – your choice to work with a Realtor shouldn’t affect your ability to move into your dream home.

Looking for a new home that fits your family’s needs? Have a client in search of a floorplan that can accommodate their space requirements? Our Area Sales Managers are here to find a solution that works for you!