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New Home Upgrades: Getting the Most Out of Every Dollar Featured ImageBuilding your very own home is an exciting process - but it comes with a lot of questions and decisions too. From the layout and floor plan to the smallest features and finishes, you want to make sure you are making all the right choices for you and your family.   

New home upgrades are your way to personalize your dream home. Choosing the long-term value upgrades for your home now can make it easier during any renovations or in the future.   


Hardwood or vinyl plank? Carpeting or laminate? It’s a tough question. When it comes to new home flooring options, vinyl plank and laminate have increased in quality in recent years and are almost indistinguishable from hardwood – not to mention, they are extremely durable and low-maintenance.   

However, there are traditionalists who still prefer natural hardwood. Consider your family’s budget as well as wear-and-tear when deciding which flooring suits you best. Hardwood often stands the test of time with value, but laminate or vinyl plank may be a better choice for kids and pets.  

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Counter Tops

Always be wary of current trends when choosing your countertops. Something too trendy can make your new home look dated in just a few years. Some people prefer granite as it is a natural product while quartz is manufactured but more controlled in its design and colour. Find something that suits your overall colour scheme and goes the extra mile in the kitchen as this is often the busiest place in your home and strongly contributes to resale.   


Consider extending or staggering your kitchen cabinets. Why? Extended cabinets provide more space and less to dust and clean if they happen to go to the top, while staggering creates a dynamic look and feel to your kitchen. You can also customize your look with glass paneled cabinet doors or add a little more practicality and room for storage with pot and pan drawers.  

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Bathroom Tiles

Tile covers the vanity, tub and shower which adds more than just a durable, waterproof surface – they look great too. Having quality bathroom tile adds elegance to the room as well as a great long-term investment for your home.  

The Garage

We all need more storage than we think – especially busy families. For this reason, you’ll want to consider a few design options for your garage. Extra square footage is a great place to start – when it comes to storing Christmas decorations or patio furniture, an added foot or two goes a long way. This extra space may also keep some projects out in the garage instead of inside. If you have an attached garage, you could consider an extra door or windows for extra light. 


Windows are essential for warming up a home and providing plenty of natural light. Show homes are a good way to see some of the extra windows your home could have. Corner lots will typically have more windows as well. Ask your Area Sales Manager for their opinion; they will know what options are available and what might work best.  



Finishing your basement at the time of your build is sure to add a lot of value both now and later. Not only are they great for multigenerational families or for those who love to entertain, they are great for teens or older children who just want a little more space of their own. The additional bathroom, rec room and bedroom are sure to appeal to buyers if you do decide to sell in the future.  

Electrical Outlets & Lighting

Something you may not have thought about is extra electrical outlets and lighting options. Check with your builder to find out if these are included or considered extra.  

  • Two places to consider extra outlets for your owner’s suite: on either side of the bed, and “his and hers” outlets with ample counter space in the ensuite.  
  • Add a Christmas light outlet to the eaves of your home and switch inside to control it.  
  • Think about extra outlets in the pantry for small appliances if you don’t like the clutter of appliances on your counters. A charging station may also be beneficial in the kitchen for phones and tablets.  
  • Consider an extra fridge or freezer outlet in the utility room or the garage.   
  • Under-cabinet lighting is much easier to have installed during the build, as trim may be needed for the bottom of your cabinets to conceal the lighting. Also, ensure multiple switches (e.g., high, medium, low) to control the lighting are installed.  
  • Thinking about possibly getting a hot tub in the future? Have the outlet installed during the build as a 220W outlet will be needed to run your new tub.   

Extra Gas and Water Lines

Does your family enjoy a good BBQ? Or are you considering a gas cooktop? Have those extra gas lines installed before your new home is built.  

We all enjoy fresh, filtered water and ice from our new fridge; be sure to have those water lines installed before the build is finished to cut costs.   

Plumbing and electrical fixtures can always be upgraded at your convenience after your home is built.   

Still undecided about the best upgrades for your new home? Schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of Pacesetters’ qualified interior designers in our DesignQ Centre today or visit any one of our show homes and speak to an Area Sales Manager.  

A good rule when considering upgrades during your new home build is if it’s in the walls or the floors, get it done during the build.