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Edmontons Best Off-Leash Dog Parks Featured ImageEdmonton has over 40 areas for dogs to run and play without having you on the other end of a leash. You and your dog will get the most out of a trip to the park when it allows for off-leash exploration, exercise, and socializing. Here are our top picks for the best off-leash dog parks to check out.

Terwillegar Off-Leash Park 

This park is conveniently handily located in the southwestern part of the city and features some stunning North Saskatchewan River views. In addition to beautiful views of the river, Terwillegar Park also has jogging and bike trails perfect for the most active pet parents. There’s plenty of room to roam for all.

Buena Vista Park 

Buena Vista Park is also on the North Saskatchewan River and is one of the larger off-leash parks. Its location is a little more secluded, creating a quieter atmosphere. The local terrain includes a nice mixture of open fields and forested areas.  

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Edmonton Humane Society Central Bark Off-Leash Park 

A members-only dog park (you can join!), Central Bark features management by the local humane society. Part of the fee paid for access to the park goes to help support its upkeep. This park span 3-acres, with one section for all sizes and one for smaller dogs. 

Belgravia Dog Park 

Best-known to people seeking off-leash parks, this location is somewhat of a hidden gem locally. The river valley location provides some terrain that’s easy to navigate and has beautiful scenery. Some of the locations visible from Belgravia Dog Park include the Valley Zoo and the Equine Center. 

Hawrelak Trail Off-Leash Park 

One of Hawrelak Park‘s best features is its amount of open space. Abundant trees also keep everything well-shaded, even when summer temperatures hit their highest levels. Make sure you arrive nice and early to get a parking space in a good location.  

Hermitage Park 

People who frequent this park enjoy its lack of distractions like cyclists. Another advantage for many a dog owner, is that Hermitage Park is somewhat removed from busy roads, perfect for dogs with undeveloped recall skills. Both dirt and paved walking paths are present to help give you whatever type of experience you want. 


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Mill Creek Ravine

Both dogs and their owners get a lot of enjoyment from Mill Creek Ravine park, which is a favourite for its unique terrain and amenities. A creek winds its way through the park, which has several access points to the waterfront area.  

Gold Bar Park Off-Leash Trail 

Gold Bar Park is the largest urban park in the province. In addition to this location being open all year, it also has some of the area’s most beautiful fall foliage and a path along the river.

Jackie Parker Park 

Although the park is not as well-known as some other locations in the city, Jackie Parker Park is well worth a visit for its peaceful setting. The space is large, perfect for dogs who love to run. Its overseen by a group of volunteers who help keep everything cleaned up. 

Strathcona Science Park 

Many locals love the Strathcona Science Park for the wealth of outdoor winter activities it offers. However, it’s also an ideal place for dogs to get out and enjoy a good run. Any location that caters to both yours and your dog’s exercise needs is always worth considering. 

Easy access to so many fun outdoor areas is always an excellent choice to consider when looking for a home in a great new neighbourhood. Pacesetter’s communities are all located near amenities that can accommodate many activities perfect for the entire family, including the four-legged ones.

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