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Update Your Home With a Feature Wall: Panelling Character Charm Wainscoting Paneling Feature ImageNo matter what the age of your home, there are a lot of great ways to add colour and personality to your living space. One of the quickest ways to help add character is by adding wall panelling (bear with us here!). One of the best things about using panelling is that it can help you upgrade the look of your home with minimal effort on your part. 

Old-Fashioned Plank Wall 

Plank walls were a feature of homes during the 18th century, filling a need before modern paint options became available. Putting the planks in either a horizontal or vertical layout, then painting them a vibrant colour, is a great way to make use of this look. This look has been featured in many homes throughout the 20th century, securing its place as a modern decor solution. 

Even though many people don’t think of such an old-fashioned style as looking good in a newer house, many of these vintage styles go very nicely with the newer homes that grace Edmonton. Custom homes with open floor plans blend in beautifully with a variety of styles both past and present. If you have a distinct, more eclectic style, this panelling option could be a good way to suit it. 

Update Your Home With a Feature Wall: Panelling Character Charm V Groove ImageBoard and Batten Panelling 

Board and batten became popular during the Victorian era, most likely used as an alternative to other design options seen as excessive during that time. The vertical planks in use cover about two-thirds of the wall. Joints are effectively concealed with battens for a more uniform, neat look. 

A way you can use this style to create a distinct look is to incorporate panelling in a contrasting colour or even more than one colour. If you opt to use this style in a dining area, for example, this will allow you to create a most distinct style that complements the rest of the room’s décor. You’ll create a room that will make you and your family proud, as well as wow all your guests. 

Tongue and Groove Style 

One of the greatest things about tongue and groove panelling is there are so many flexible ways you can use it. The most eye-catching thing about this style is you could use it on your cabinets, across the whole length of the wall, or up to hip or waist height, with all of these options offering interesting variations. Because this style adds some personality to your walls, it creates an interesting background for anything you choose to display. 

Selecting panels in shades of white is an ideal way to highlight your wall art and other décor. An advantage that comes with using a light, neutral colour is there is nothing to detract from whatever you choose to display. Any artwork, even if set in a more elaborate frame, will stand out without having to compete with your wall’s style. 

Update Your Home With a Feature Wall: Panelling Character Charm Header ImageA Modern Office Look 

Also worth noting is contemporary style panelling. This style works especially well in a home office area. Veneer panels are the perfect addition for this look, which helps you take advantage of the room’s natural lighting, regardless of its use. This panelling style is also the perfect choice to accompany built-ins or other shelving styles, including computer workstations. 

Another nice touch you can accomplish with this look is using it in a media room in your home. Because the look goes nicely with shelving anyway, it’s a perfect way to highlight the areas where you keep your DVD or music collection organized. The wood style also gives the room a more inviting air overall. 

Unconventional Locations 

Many a homeowner has struggled with figuring out the best way to decorate a bathroom. Panelling your bathroom is an often-overlooked way to give this room a whole new look. Even though a bathroom is an area where you probably don’t spend quite as much time as say the kitchen or great room, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up a little. 

A nice thing about using panelling is it’s easy to fit into corners that are otherwise tight and awkward. If you have the rest of your home in a rustic style, having the bath match the rest of the house finishes everything up very nicely. Using panelling on your vanity or even on the outside of your tub is another way to get maximum use out of this look. 

Wood panels are just one way to dress up your home as much as possible…in a modern way.

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