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There’s a current new trend where people gather at local pubs or restaurants to paint a picture on canvas. The fun part of these gatherings is the time spent with friends doing something out of your comfort zone. At the end of the two hours, everyone leaves with great memories and a painting all of their own.

However, these paintings, as wonderful as they are, aren’t likely to cover the walls of a high-end gallery. In contrast, professional artists spend hours, months working and even years perfecting their craft. It may be an unfair comparison, but the truth is, things of great value often take time. Quality should never be sacrificed for the convenience of time.


In the same way, new houses are masterpieces that often require patience. We may find it a hassle to have to wait, but the moment you step into a new house adorned with maple flooring and crown moulding, you’ll know it was well worth it.

That being said, you don’t have to wait to get things rolling. In fact, if you have an idea of everything you want upfront, you can have the blueprints and floor plans approved ready to go in no time – drastically reducing your wait time. Be sure to include everything you want up front, however, as last minute changes can delay your move-in date.

Also, an advantage you may not have considered with new build houses is that you can flawlessly time the sale of your existing home without missing a beat! You might be wondering, “How does a new home build help me do that?” Well, for starters, you can take advantage of the Guaranteed Sale Program that Pacesetter offers. This program is a safety net protecting you from having to carry a second mortgage and ensures fair market value for your existing home. Why stress over the sale of your old home when you could be enjoying your new one?

In addition, the most reputable builders will give you a time frame and do their absolute best to deliver within that time frame. Knowing this time frame will help in planning all the details necessary with moving; giving you the advantage in planning a stress-free move.


Of course, the biggest advantage to new home builds is the ability to personalize and create your dream home. Builders provide options and different floor plans that suit your lifestyle. You can also opt for upgrades and other important details like choosing where you want the plugins to go.

While this process takes time, it’s also very rewarding to have control over how you want your house to be built. In many ways, you get the best of both worlds. You have the quality of master homebuilders and the necessary time you need to make the transition smooth.

But what if you don’t have 9 – 12 months to wait? What if you’re transferring from out of the city and need a home within 6 months or even next month? That’s where spec homes come in.

A spec home is one that a builder has already started construction on. These are also called quick possession or immediate possession houses. For the most part, everything has already been chosen – we’re talking the lot, floor plan, exterior and interior colours and finishes, this house is already planned.

Now, there are pros and cons associated with a quick possession house – obviously your build time and wait time is much shorter. In some cases, a home is ready for move-in immediately, so you have no wait time with the exception of the paperwork clearing! In these homes, the finishes and upgrades are based on popular options in the market so your home with be up-to-date with the latest trends. Another big pro here is these types of homes are generally a lower price than their custom-built counterparts. It may be a little or it may be a lot, depending on what upgrades might have been included in the plan.

Realistically, the major con of a spec home is not having the ability to do much customization. But hey, you can always change your paint colour for very little cost after you move in!

The two huge players in a new home build are time and money. What it comes down to is what is the most important thing to you and your family. Do you want to be in your new home quickly or do you want to be able to pick and choose every detail?

No matter which way you go, you’ll still have a new home with a full warranty and the backing of the Pacesetter team. And with your brand new home, you’ll finally have the perfect room to hang that special canvas you painted!