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pacesetter-homes-seasonal-faq-featured-image.pngThe spring season is upon us, and you may have questions about some of the seasonal work related to your home. I’m Jason McPeak, Site Superintendent with Pacesetter Homes, and I’m here to answer some of those questions. Today we will talk about rough grading.



Rough grade work is highly dependent on weather. Contractors’ first priority is to complete leftover work from the previous fall season, followed by homes occupied in the winter and early spring months. In order for new grading to be completed, all concrete work must be poured and fully cured. The ground needs to be solid and dry for grading work to be completed properly, so if it rains they must wait approximately three days prior to doing work on your property.

Please refrain from completing any structures that may impede rough grading such as decks, fence, shed, or any other item that prevents full access to your lot.



There are a variety of factors that may have caused your rough grade to fail. Construction items such as insufficient window well depth, not enough rain water leaders, or adjacent construction are just a few of the reasons.

Please keep in mind that rough grade inspections are completed by your municipality, and Pacesetter Homes has absolutely no control over their timing or their approvals. Once your rough grade has passed, your certificate will be sent to you directly by the municipality.

Rough grading is affected by many factors. If you have further questions in this regard, please view our Pacesetter Academy videos online, or contact us at seasonal@yourpacesetter.com.