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where-is-rough-grade-construction-sitePacesetter Homes is responsible for completing the rough grade on our homeowners’ properties. We understand that seasonal work can be a very trying process for our customers, and we would like to provide you with some information on the process and the reasons why it will often take more than one season.  

Grading work typically starts in June (or when the ground has completely thawed and there is no longer frost in the ground). Graders will work through September (or when the ground starts to freeze). What this means is that our contractors are trying to complete 12 months of work into 4 months and as a result, your rough grade may take 1-2 seasons to be completed and approved.   

Our grading contractors work very hard to ensure that they complete homeowners properties in a timely manner and have multiple crews that are scheduled to complete the grading and or landscaping in the each subdivision. We are unable to provide an exact date for the start and completion of rough grading, since we do not know in advance what the challenges will be at each jobsite.

Here are some delays that may occur during this process: 

  • weather: one day of rain can delay grading by 2 – 4 days
  • homeowner construction of items such as decks, fencing (permanent or temporary) , shed, garage construction
  • construction on adjacent properties
  • equipment breakdowns
  • grading touch-ups on your property and inspection timelines between the surveyors and the municipality

Each property has its own unique challenges. Some properties will proceed quickly – grading will be completed quickly and efficiently. Other properties will pose challenges (some of the reasons are noted above) and will take multiple visits to complete.

Fortunately, in 2015 we have had a summer where mother nature has favoured us with warm, dry weather. As a result of the weather we have been starting and completing many rough grades on our properties.

We hope this gives a bit more peace of mind and reassurance during the seasonal months. We thank all the homeowners who have been tremendously patient with us during this season. We appreciate your patience while we work on your rough grade and landscaping this season.

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