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find-a-trustworthy-realtor-header-imageYou’re looking for a new home, and you’re looking for an expert to help you out. But how are you going to find the right one? Have no fear, the Pacesetter team is here. We’ve come up with three ways to find a trustworthy realtor, one you’ve been looking for.

Explore a Variety of Agencies, and Interview Potential Realtors 

You can do this manually by looking up real estate agencies online that are in your area, and then looking at their agent rosters and making some calls, or what would be more beneficial, is to physically meet with them. You can do this by visiting open houses, and ‘secret shopping’ them; see how they interact with you as a potential customer. Ideally, you want someone who is warm and genuine, and knowledgeable in the business. Thanks to multiple sites online, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and REIC.ca, amongst others, you can also look up agents from your area and research their experience in the business, their reception from customers, and their accreditations overall. 

Talk to Your Family and Friends to Get Their Opinions and Referrals

If your friends or family have recently dealt with any realtors, they would be a great resource for deciding which realtor will be right for you. Ask them about their positive and negative experiences, but keep in mind that one bad experience isn’t necessarily indicative of all realtors or whatever agency(ies) may have provided that bad experience; it is important to take into account a diversity of perspectives and experiences. On the other hand, positive experiences should be noted and be referenced; you shouldn’t have to settle for an experience that isn’t quite up to par with someone else’s good experience. Take your time and make the right decision, if something worked for one of your friends that you feel would be important for you, look for a realtor that will accommodate that. 

Speak With Some Builders and Find Out if They Have Any Recommendations 

Homebuilders are no strangers to realtors. They constantly work with a diverse group of realtors and can therefore have some helpful recommendations and suggestions for you. Don’t be shy to ask them about certain realtors, as they may have dealt with them, and may have some useful feedback. 

Some combination of the three of these should help you in your decision to find a new realtor. It’s like love! You may know the instant you meet that special someone, or it may take a little time. Be patient, and don’t rush the decision. 

find-a-trustworthy-realtor-experienceWith that all being said, there are some general things to think about when considering an agent, independent of how you go about finding them:

  • How long have they been in the industry? 
  • How much time will they be able to commit to you? To answer this question you need to think about whether they work full or part-time and how many listings they typically have. 
  • Who will cover for your realtor if they become sick or go away on vacation? 
  • Are you looking for a special kind of realtor? Perhaps you’re looking for a farm, it would make more sense to deal with a realtor that has experience working in rural areas. But even more subtly, some realtors have more experience with townhouses opposed to apartments. Take these sorts of concerns into consideration. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for references from past clients. A good realtor will happily give these to you. If a realtor is hesitant, then you might want to take that into consideration.

These are all things you can ask your realtor, or agency, directly upon meeting with them. Overall, it may seem there is a lot to consider, but in reality it’s about trust. You want to find a realtor you can trust, and a lot of the time this boils down to feeling comfortable with them. So take your time and shop around until it makes sense for you. Don’t be shy, be inquisitive, and be prepared to dedicate some time to your search. Good luck, it will all work out! 

Photo credit: realtor, chil