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seasonal-work-house-constructionIt’s not just that our tan is beginning to fade, but there’s an aroma of pumpkin spiced latte that reminds us that the changing of season is in the air. This is truer when it comes to home construction. While you were enjoying your time with your family at the lake, we’ve been busy trying to get all the details of your home completed before the end of the seasonal work term.

You see, there are some items of work that can only be done under specific weather conditions. They’re dependent on the season and are not considered warranty items. Your site supervisor will do everything they can to finish them, but depending on the time of year you move in they may not be finished by your possession date. That’s why we ask for your patience. We’re under the stress of the elements and the volume of customers of the seasonal year prior so it can be realistic to look into the next favourable season to get everything done. 

Seasonal work takes place June through October. Once the ground is thawed and dry from the snow and rain, the fun can begin. Here’s a more detailed look at what you should be aware of.


It is only during the dry periods of summer when concrete can be poured. For optimal efficiency and speed, the crews sometimes work street by street and not necessarily by possession date. It’s absolutely essential to make sure you DO NOT park your vehicle on the concrete until 28 days AFTER it’s been poured. Concrete needs 28 days to reach its full strength. It is also recommended to be sealed afterwards by a concrete sealer that you can pick up at any hardware store to protect it from pitting, cracks etc.

The majority of your other seasonal items are dependent on this step first. If you take possession BEFORE your concrete is poured do not worry, we will provide temporary access to your home until the following season.  It’s definitely not the ideal situation but we’d prefer you get to enjoy your new home instead of us keeping it another year!

Rough Grading

Rough grading can only be done during the summer months. Once the exterior concrete has been finished, the Bobcats can begin rough grading. Some things to keep in mind when it comes to rough grading:

  • multiple people are involved in this process (Bobcat operator, surveyor, municipal inspectors)
  • inspections come from the city, so it’s dependant upon time, volume and weather
  • until your rough grade is approved, don’t install any of your exterior items like a fence or deck, you have to have final grade first! 

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is weather permitting. Crews can’t complete the painting until all the exterior deck and veranda work is finished. Painters will sweep through an area two or three times during the season and if your painting is not ready to be completed, it will be added to the list for the next sweep of the area.

seasonal-work-landscapingFinal Grade and Landscaping

For single family and duplex homes, final grading is completed by the homeowner and can only be done in the summer months. Do NOT complete your final grading until rough grading has been approved. You will receive your rough grade certificate once it has passed. All costs related to the final grade approval (things like the Bobcat, top soil, surveying, inspection fees, etc.) are your responsibility as the homeowner. If final grading isn’t finished within one year of rough grade approval, municipalities may issue a fine. If you can’t finish your final grading within that deadline, please contact your municipality for an extension to avoid paying fines.

We strongly recommend you don’t complete landscaping until the final grade has been approved. Otherwise, you may have to alter your landscaping to repair the final grade. For more information visit the City of Edmonton website section on grading.

Also, please refer to your architectural approval documents in your homeowner package for minimum landscaping requirements like trees or bushes. Any alternative landscaping you’d like to do MUST be pre-approved by the developer before installation. 

Landscaping Deposit Refunds

Architectural requirements help keep your neighbourhood looking finished and welcoming. In order to obtain your landscaping deposit back you must have met these requirements. Inspections can only be done during the summer months. Requests for inspections should be submitted in writing to the Pacesetter seasonal department at seasonal@yourpacesetter.com.

So what does this all mean for you? As we head into the cooler season of fall and the snowy time of winter, this work will stop until next season. So we greatly appreciate your patience and remember that next season, your new home will look fabulous!

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