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importance-good-buyer-builder-relationshipIt’s been said hundreds of times, in as many different ways. Buying a new home is an exciting journey. Whether this is your first home or your fifth, there’s always something new! But when you’re building a new home, there’s a variety of things that may not have come up before. You’re much more involved with the process, and we’re not just talking about choosing the cabinetry colours.

The relationship between you and your builder should be like any other good relationship: open and honest, with the ability to share ideas and a high level of respects for the opinions of the other party. While you and your builder will be closely interacting over the next several months, both you of are very much involved. It’s completely okay to express your needs, expectations, concerns and wants to your builder. Just make sure you do it in a clear manner so there’s no confusion!

You’ll want to be prepared for each stage of the construction process, so make sure everyone knows their roles and that both of you know each others’ roles as well. The earlier you do this in the relationship, the better.

One thing you have to keep in mind throughout the entire process: you need to be comfortable asking questions. Remember that your builder is a professional, and they’re there to help! By talking with your builder you can figure out if a change in the plan or specifications are possible, where you can save money and what’s more cost efficient for your new home.

Get the details – learn how to get regular construction updates so you’ll always know where in the process your home is at. Your builder will work on a schedule with you, and they should notify you if there’s any major changes in that schedule. You and your builder will also determine when you can do on-site inspections and walk-throughs, which are so exciting because you get to see your new house taking shape!

One more thing about this important relationship: make sure you get everything in writing, with the appropriate signatures. This way both you and your builder know exactly what has already been discussed and what you may still need to address.

Communication is key in this relationship, and it works both ways. Your builder is a huge information resource so take advantage of it! It’s in their interest to answer all of your questions but to also make sure all of your needs are met right from the start, and through to when you move into your new home.


Photo credit: DepositPhotos.com