Find Your Home
The Pacesetter Difference

Your New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. Use the first 30 days in your new home to ensure that all systems are functioning correctly and that you know how to perform basic operations to keep them in good working order.   

Find Your Way Around

This is the perfect time to learn how things function. Locate basic controls such as the main circuit breaker, HVAC controls and water shut offs, both inside and outside. Familiarize yourself with garage door controls and appliance controls. Assess storage capacity in various parts of the house and how they can accommodate your work or hobby needs. Get comfortable with the layout of the house and traffic patterns. Consider a general plan for furniture placement to make your home a comfortable and inviting retreat for family and guests.   

Evaluate Window Blinds & Treatments

Window blinds should be installed securely, and to prevent super heating and/or ice buildup on the glass ensure you pull your blinds up at least 1ft from the bottom to allow for air flow. Assess the amount of natural light in different areas of the home and the type of window treatments that best suit your needs.   

Make Your Environment Comfortable

Determine the best temperature for the inside of your home depending on the needs of family members. Check the humidity level. Humidity levels should be adjusted with the outside temperature in mind (the colder it is, the lower the humidity should be, etc.) Ensure that kitchen and bathroom fans / HRV vents operate properly for proper ventilation.   

Familiarize Yourself With Maintenance Tasks

The first 30 days is a good time to determine what regular maintenance tasks are required to keep your home in working order. Find the location of your furnace filter and remove it from the frame. Locate smoke detectors throughout the house. Ensure main circuit breakers are clearly labeled.   

Talk To Your Builder

Keep track of any items that require attention from your builder and communicate them to the warranty department. Pacesetter Homes prides itself on providing quality workmanship and superior customer service. Making your home the best it can be is one of our goals, and your satisfaction is our primary concern.