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Your Pacesetter home comes with a private home maintenance account via Homeowner Central by Conasys. You’ll receive access to this account at time of purchase and will have free access for one year past your possession date, after which you may choose to continue your account access with a paid subscription.

What You Can Do with Your Homeowner Central Account:

  • Access all important documents related to your home, such as purchase agreement and all related addendums, mortgage pre-approval and contract, and any other related documents.
  • Learn about the process of buying and/or building your Pacesetter home, its construction stages, and seasonal items via our exclusive video series, Pacesetter Academy.
  • Receive regular updates on the construction status of your new home.
  • Receive regular reminders of timely maintenance tasks to be completed on your home throughout the year after you take possession.
  • Keep records of warranty coverage on your home and appliances.
  • Access a directory of contacts related to the functions in your home, such as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC.

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