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A GFI Outlet is a device that shuts off an electric power circuit when it detects that current is flowing along an unintended path, such as through water or a person. It is used to reduce the risk of electric shock.

After the unit is tripped, the device must manually be reset by pushing the reset button (top button between the 2 plug ins). If the cause of the breaker trip is not fixed, the GFI will keep shutting off.

Note: there is one GFI reset for all the bathrooms and it is typically found in the ensuite. There is also only one reset for all exterior outlets and it is typically located at the rear plug.

Pacesetter Warranty Policy:

Common deficiencies:

  1. No power to plug – check to be sure the plug has not tripped due to a problem with a different plug in the circuit. For example, if the plug in the ½ bath doesn’t work, check the main bath and ensuite plugs to see if something at these locations is causing the GFI to trip. Unplug all appliances, reset the GFI and plug in appliances again one at a time to determine which is causing the problem.
  2. Multiple tripping issues – check the plug by testing a different and low voltage appliance such as a lamp or clock. If the tripping continues, notify Pacesetter warranty. If the problem resolves, it means there is an issue with the appliance that is being plugged in, not with the plug.

NOTE:   Electrical issues that fail to resolve by using the steps above, should be reported to your warranty coordinator as soon as possible.


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January 27, 2017