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Carpet is the covering made from thick woven fabric shaped to fit a particular room.

Common concerns:

  1. Seams visible: seams should be neat and closed. Berber seams are known to be visible, even when well installed. Send photos of bad seams to Pacesetter Warranty during the first year of warranty.
  2. Nails sticking through: these are typically the tack strips on stairs or at carpet transitions. Add this item to your 3 month list.
  3. Carpet wear on stairs: The stairs are the heaviest traffic area and will flatten quicker than other areas. Diligence in vacuuming is essential to prolong life of carpet on stairs. Typically excluded from warranty.

Hardwood floor come in many types.  The name is not necessarily an indication of durability.  Some woods are easily dented, while others are quite durable.  Hardwood is very susceptible to moisture issues.  Laminate is a man-made product and shares many similarities with hardwood, but is less susceptible to humidity/moisture and is more durable.

Common concerns:

  1. Gapping or swelling (hardwood and laminate) – Humidity control is vital. If spillage occurs, clean immediately since wet hardwood will cause swelling. Ensure use of protectors on furniture feet to avoid scratching.
  2. Knots in floor (hardwood) – these are natural and are part of the beauty of hardwood. This is not a deficiency.
  3. Scratches/dents (hardwood and laminate) – must be identified at Occupancy. Otherwise they are considered “normal wear and tear”.

Tile floors are typically made from ceramic or marble, and can come in a variety of different patterns.

Common concerns:

  1. Cracked or loose tiles – impact damage is not covered under warranty. Cracks in tiles will be assessed during the warranty period. Loose tiles will be repaired during the Warranty period.
  2. Grout cracking – Pacesetter Homes will provide a one-time courtesy repair at the 1 year warranty visit upon request.

Linoleum is a floor covering that is known for its affordability and durability.  Colors and design is typically added to this for cosmetic purposes.

Common concerns:

  1. Lifting – contact Pacesetter Warranty during the first year warranty period.

Pacesetter Warranty Policy:

Common concerns for flooring in general:

  1. Floor squeaks – squeaks will be repaired at the 1 year warranty visit upon request. Squeaks must be readily audible and consistently repeatable.
  2. Cleaning/maintenance – information provided at your Design Q appointment outlines care and maintenance of your flooring and may affect warranty if not followed. Product care is essential to the longevity of your flooring.