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Flooring can make or break the look of your new home. You spent a lot of time picking the exact colour and type of flooring for your home and you love it. So now it comes down to taking care of it properly. We’ve looked at the top three choices in flooring right now and put together this list of tips on what you should do (or not do) depending on what floors you have.


  • Sweep, dust, or vacuum regularly using the wand of your vacuum cleaner
  • Use only products specifically designed for hardwood
  • Clean floors with a well-squeezed damp mop or cloth
  • Use water-based polishes to restore shine every two months
  • Too much humidity isn’t good for the hardwood – keep the humidity in your home between 35% and 40%
  • Avoid walking on the hardwood in high heels
  • Wipe up spills immediately
  • Keep pet’s nails trimmed
  • Protect from direct sunlight
  • Never pour water directly onto the floor
  • Do not use ammonia or bleach
  • Do not use water and vinegar as it will dull the finish
  • Do not wax
  • Use felt contacts under furniture to avoid scratches
  • Use mats and rugs in high traffic areas and move the rugs regularly so that the flooring stays the same colour
  • If something is stuck to the floor, use ice to freeze then scrape away with a credit card
  • Do NOT use rubber-backed mats.

Vinyl Plank: 

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly without a beater brush
  • Use door mats to prevent abrasive material entering the home
  • Use felt contact under furniture to avoid scratches
  • Lay a sheet of plywood down when moving heavy furniture and “walk” the item across to prevent scuffs
  • Use water and vinegar solution to clean, or a shampoo and water solution. When deep cleaning, use a small amount of dish soap with the vinegar. If that isn’t working as well as you would hope you can purchase a commercial cleanser but ensure it is made specifically for vinyl flooring
  • Wipe spills up right away
  • Do not use wax
  • Use a polish or sealant specifically for vinyl flooring to restore shine
  • If you have to scrub the floor use a soft nylon brush
  • Do NOT use rubber-backed mats.


  • Sweep regularly
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Use a vinegar and water solution to clean floors, or gentle soap and water.
  • Allow time for floor to dry after cleaning
  • Erase heel marks with pencil eraser
  • Do not wax or polish
  • Use mats to reduce the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into your home
  • Use ice to freeze tough stains and then scrape with a credit card
  • Furniture should have felt contacts to avoid scratches
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do NOT use rubber-backed mats.

The above-listed tips will help protect your floors and your investment. Following proper maintenance and making sure you care for your flooring will keep your floors looking beautiful.

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