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Welcome to our blog feature: Ask an Expert. Each month we will explore common questions asked around the home buying/home building process.

Do you dream about building your ideal kitchen? When building a brand new home, it’s the perfect opportunity to create the kitchen you’ve always wanted. But a kitchen is about more than just looks; it’s also about function.

We spoke with Bob Moon of Gem Cabinets (Pacesetter Homes’ exclusive kitchen supplier), and he has some great ideas on things to consider for your new kitchen.

creating-your-dream-kitchen-rectangular-islandWhat are some of the current trends in kitchen layout and functionality?

Over-the-range microwaves were popular for a while, but are now being replaced by a built-in microwave with trim kit and a standalone, stainless steel hood fan. Where space permits, homeowners are also changing from a free-standing range to a wall oven/cooktop design, and a large, one-level rectangular island to offer tons of food prep space.

What are the most popular specialty cabinets available for added functionality?

We have some great, functional options on the market today. Narrow, pull-out spice rack cabinets offer convenient organization of your spices. Waste and recycling bins can be neatly tucked into your kitchen with a special cabinet built to hold two or more bins. And keep those pots and pans organized and out of sight with spacious, pull-out drawer cabinets.

What are the benefits of building your drawers with metal sides over melamine?

Metal-sided drawers allow for more usable drawer space, and have a 5/8” thick drawer base. This type of drawer has built-in rollers, and is more durable for heavy use over time.

creating-your-dream-kitchen-cabinets-to-ceilingWhat sort of upgrades are buyers commonly choosing?

Crown molding is a great option for enhancing the fit and finish of your kitchen. It is cost effective, and offers that added elegance to your cabinets. A new trend that is gaining ground is stacking cabinets to the ceiling, rather than staggering the design. Buyers are opting for full extension, soft-close drawer systems that add a level of convenience and accessibility. Painted finishes are gaining popularity as well, and we offer over 250 paint colours to choose from for just the right finish.

What is the proper way to care for cabinets to minimize damage? Are there any cleaning products to avoid?

The climate in Alberta changes drastically over the four seasons. This causes stress on all the wood products in your home. It is best to try and maintain 30%-40% relative humidity in your home, as this will keep your cabinets in a stable environment and minimize shrinkage and drying out over the cold, dry winter months.

  • To clean your cabinets, use a damp cloth with mild dish soap. Dry with a clean cloth immediately after.
  • Water and wood do not mix. If you spill any water or liquid while cooking or washing dishes, it is recommended that you wipe and dry these spills immediately.
  • Using an oil- or silicone-based cleaner on your cabinets is not recommended as this will build up over time and leave a haze-like finish that will show fingerprints and appear dirty.

creating-your-dream-kitchen-painted-cabinetsDo you have any unique product or style you’d like to talk about?

Kitchen design and style have come a long way in the past 20 years. Consumers have access to every type of media, which allows them to see what designers are doing all over the world. Style is unique to each individual, and I encourage homeowners to express that style through their kitchen design, whether it be a Frosty White perimeter and dark Rustic Alder island, ultra-modern cabinets with stainless steel floating shelves, or a mix of old and new. Let your home and kitchen reflect your style. BE BOLD!

These are just a few of the many things you can think about when planning your new kitchen. Let the professionals at Design Q and Gem Cabinets help you create the kitchen of your dreams.