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Fun facts to know before you visit a show home - the Kristana model featured imageWhen you plan a vacation to another country, it’s always a good idea to get armed with as much information as you can before stepping off the plane. It not only prepares you with what to expect, but it also helps you get the most out of your trip. Not to mention, it helps prevent possible disasters like not knowing how to say, “washroom” in the native language. 

Visiting a show home may not exactly be a “vacation spot”, but it certainly has unique things worth knowing before stepping inside. Below are some important things you should know that will make your visit more impacting and worthwhile!

The garage does NOT come with a desk, chair and computer.

Most Sales Centres are located in the front-attached garage of a single family home or duplex. Everything you see, including the carpet, walls, windows and lights, will be reverted back to a regular garage before the owners take possession. Also, where you enter is not necessarily the actual entrance of the house. Sometimes it’s an entry point uniquely created for that particular show home so be sure to ask where your garage entrance actually is if you’re not sure. 

Show homes always put their best foot forward.

The builders intentionally have their homes “dressed to impress” in order to catch your eye and imagination. This means that upgrades and features are displayed throughout the house that sometimes don’t come standard. It’s a good idea to always ask what’s included in the home you’re interested in or set aside in your budget room for extras and upgrades you’ll surely fall in love with.  

visit-a-show-home-georgia-modelThe home is designed to be test-driven. 

Don’t be shy, go ahead and open the drawers. Feel the resistance of a cabinet door. Peek inside the closets. Run your finger along the granite countertop. (Don’t turn on the appliances though!) Sit on the couches in the bonus room with your family. We want you to leave feeling like you could actually live here!

Once the kids start fighting over which room they want and the media room has taken shape in your mind, we’ve done our job. 

You are free to use the main public washroom.

The washroom on the second floor may look ready to be used, but don’t even think about it. Some show homes may have signage and some may not, your best bet is to find the one functioning washroom for the public and it’s always the one on the main floor. You’re welcome. 

It’s home but not your home. 

As an added note to our test drive point, we do want to remind show home shoppers that our homes are also our place of business. We’ve put time and energy into decorating them, making sure they look great for when friends come over (that’s you!) and we hope that you will respect that while going through each one. Just as you wouldn’t leave your children home alone, for the safety of your children please do not leave them unattended in the show home.

We take reservations!

We understand that you have work and other activities during the day; so we’ve set our hours to suit your needs. Show homes are open in the afternoon, evening and weekends, except Fridays. If you would like a more personal time with the sales representative to ask questions, we encourage that you book an appointment or visit on a weekday. Weekends are usually our busier times. 

So come on down to visit a show home (or several!) for yourself. Walk around, picture your furniture and possessions in the space, and talk with our sales representative to find out which model is perfect for your family. Visit our website for our locations all over Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park.