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Pacesetter Homes Show Homes

Pacesetter Homes has more than 70 show homes in all quadrants of Edmonton and in all surrounding municipalities. See our complete list of show home locations below, and we hope to see you soon!

Click here to download the complete show home map & location list.

West Edmonton

College Woods at Secord
Bentley & Jayde: 9720/9724 223 Street NW
Show Home Phone: 587-521-1463

8166 222A Street NW
Paladin: Coming soon!
Vienna: Coming soon!
Phone to inquire: 587-521-1463

Secord Heights
Sampson: 22571 96 Ave NW
Show Home Phone: 780-758-8093

West Secord
Bristol & Calder: 761/763 Secord Blvd NW
Show Home Phone: 780-244-9947

Timberidge at Edgemont
Kristana & Mackenzie: 6710/6712 Elston Lane NW
Show Home Phone: 587-521-9415

Northwest Edmonton

Trumpeter by Big Lake
Affirmed & Alydar: 2146/2148 Trumpeter Way NW
Show Home Phone: 780-760-2832

Gabriel: 175 Rapperswill Dr NW
Show Home Phone: 780-758-0921

Aralytt: 6919 Johnnie Caine Way NW
Hillary: 6922 Johnnie Caine Way NW
Show Home Phone: 587-520-1853

Northeast Edmonton

Cy Becker
Madison E: 1216 Cy Becker Road NW
Show Home Phone: 780-473-3768

McConachie Crossing
Carson & Eclipse: 17744/17748 64 Street NW
Affirmed & Alydar: 1370/1372 McConachie Blvd NW
Show Home Phone: 780-250-4475

Southeast Edmonton

Laurel Crossing
Maddy II: 1407 29 Street NW
Show Home Phone: 780-761-8359

Walker Summit
Bristol & Calder: 5232/5234 22 Avenue SW
Show Home Phone: 780-250-7856

Southwest Edmonton

Cavanagh Ridge
Havana: 230 Cavanagh Common SW
Maverick: 520 Conroy Cres SW
Show Home Phone: 780-761-2690

Crimson at Creekwood Chappelle
Vienna: 9389 Cooper Bend SW
Show Home Phone: 587-521-9826

Madeline & Tallinn: 1913/1915 Davidson Wynd SW
Show Home Phone: 587-520-3159
Glenmore: 2107 Desrochers Drive SW
Show Home Phone: 780-756-0942

Glenridding Ravine
Mackenzie: 115 Glenridding Ravine Road SW
Show Home Phone: 780-758-6419

Graydon Hill
Sampson: 1906 Graydon Hill Green SW
Show Home Phone: 780-761-9621
Carson & Lexi B: 1649/1651 Graydon Hill Link SW
Show Home Phone: 780-244-9125

Oscar, Adelyn, & Quinn: 17811/17815/17819 9 Avenue SW
Show Home Phone: 780-641-2682

Keswick Landing
Calypso: Coming Soon!
Aspen & Purcell (New Models!): Coming Soon!
Phone to Inquire: 780-906-4435

Uplands at Riverview
Austin & Pharoah: 2640/2644 198 Street SW
Show Home Phone: 780-758-8314

Spruce Grove

Havana: 15 Copperhaven Drive
Show Home Phone: 587-286-0030

Tonewood (by appt only)
Salerno: 8 Timbre Way
Show Home Phone: 587-286-3780
Glenmore: 50 Tonewood Blvd
Show Home Phone: 587-286-2123

Stony Plain

Riley: 2010 South Creek Drive
Show Home Phone: 780-591-1108

St. Albert

Jensen Lakes
Lazzaro & Lusitano: 4/6 Juneau Way
Show Home Phone: 587-290-2049

Fort Saskatchewan

Forest Ridge
Mackenzie: 39 Hickory Road
Show Home Phone: 780-589-1335

Glenmore: 190 Allard Way
Show Home Phone: 780-589-0050

Sherwood Park

Quincy & Vienna: 1207/1211 Sandstone Blvd
Show Home Phone: 780-570-0844

Paladin: 1202 Sandstone Blvd
Show Home Phone: 587-269-1115


Bentley: 71 McKenzie Court
Show Home Phone: 587-274-4703