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Qualify for more

Don’t wait for the rate to drop. Get your 4.15% interest rate now.

Are you waiting for the rates to drop before buying your next home? So is everybody else… But with Pacesetter, you can outsmart the market.

When the rates start to drop, everyone will be entering the market which will make prices go up. But if you buy a home at today’s price with us, we’ll give you an exclusive 4.15% rate.

This will allow you to hold off for the future lower rates and also avoid rising house prices!

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When interest rates go down, here’s what happens:

1. More buyers enter the market:

Lower rates encourage more people to start looking for homes, which increases demand.

2. Increased competition:

As more buyers enter the market, they all compete for the limited homes available, which can drive prices up.

3. Multiple offers:

In a busy market, it’s common for sellers to receive several offers on their home, often over asking price.

By purchasing now with Pacesetter, you can secure your home at today’s prices without the stress of competing buyers. For a limited time only. Conditions apply. Don’t miss out.




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