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Heat Controls

HRV Timer Switch  (top unit in the photo) is a timer that allows the HRV unit to provide a high speed ventilation at the push of a button to expel stale air from the home.  Located in bathrooms and one in the hall.

A humidistat (with dial) is a device that regulates the humidity of your home.  The device should not be used as an accurate reflection of the actual humidity, it is only shows the humidity level that is trying to be achieved.

The thermostat (with LCD screen) is a device that used to regulate and control the temperature in your home.

***To change the batteries for the digital thermostat, pull the cover straight out and off. Battery cover will be on the top of the unit.

Pacesetter Warranty Policy:

Common concerns:

Loose or damaged wiring, breaker defects

**Contact your warranty coordinator should you find any electrical issues with your thermostat, humidistat and HRV Timer switch during the warranty period.