Find Your Home

Have you ever sat on your couch perusing your favourite new home builder’s website, wishing you could build and price a whole home right there on your mobile device? We have great news for you: now you can!

Pacesetter Homes is proud to introduce its brand-new comprehensive Build & Price Tool. Effortlessly design and personalize your dream home from anywhere. Choose your favourite model, the best lot in your preferred community, and make your selections for optional layouts to completely personalize your new home. Once you’ve finished designing your new home, the price will be generated for you and you’ll have all the information you need to build your brand-new home.


What Are the Benefits to Using the Build & Price Tool?


Pricing Information

Within the Build & Price tool you’ll find complete pricing information for available community lots, all of our home models, and each different customization option available for the home model you’ve chosen. Choose the best options for your home to suit your family’s unique needs, and receive instant pricing information to ensure your choices fit within your budget.


Home Personalization

Optional layouts and personalization options are available on virtually all Pacesetter Homes models. Choose your favourite model, and the tool will present all available options for your new home. Need upstairs laundry? Want to extend the length of your garage? Need an extra bedroom, or to convert a main floor lifestyle room into an in-law suite? These options and more are available right at your fingertips. Browse for the best options to suit your needs, and see how the floor plan will look with these options in place.


So Many Choices

When you build a Pacesetter home, you can enjoy one of the most comprehensive lists of choices of any new home builder. Not only can you find your ideal lot in any of our more than 30 communities in Edmonton and surrounding areas, but you have your choice among dozens of home models, each with their own set of personalization options. Through this Build & Price tool, you’ll find all the choices you need to design your dream home exactly how you imagine it.


Use the Tool Anywhere

From the comfort of your sofa at home, use the Build & Price tool to shop, peruse, and design the ideal new home to suit your family’s needs. The tool is easy to use on mobile devices or your computer, making it convenient to build your new home while you watch your favourite TV show or hang out with your family. And because your selections are saved, you can come back to review your choices at a later time if you get busy.


You’re In Control

When you build and price your brand-new home using this tool, you are in charge of your home buying experience from start to finish. No need to sit in a show home for hours reviewing options or discussing potential changes to your new home. Simply design your home on your own time, and when you are ready to move forward, bring your complete design into a show home to get started. This process allows you to design your new home at your own pace, giving yourself the opportunity to review every possible option before committing to a design.


Full Transparency

By using the Build & Price Tool, you’re receiving full disclosure on pricing information for the lot you choose, the home model base price, and all of the customizations you select. There are no surprises using this tool; you can feel comfortable with your choices when it comes to final costs. You are in control of the selections you make to fit within your budget. Equally, if you decide once you are signing paperwork to add or change something in your home, you’ll be able to see exactly how much it should cost using this tool.

We’ve created this tool to improve the buying experience for you. You have the freedom to design your ideal home, on your own time when it’s convenient for you, and receive comprehensive information about pricing on the choices you’ve made. This tool puts you in charge of your buying experience.

Your home. Your design. Your choice. Your Pacesetter.