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No matter how diligently you plan your move into your new home, it is still a stressful event. Organizing, packing, change of address notifications, school registrations—you name it, it can be an ordeal. And there seems to be a thousand little things to do to make moving into your new home as smooth as possible. If you’re moving into a brand-new Pacesetter home, however, you’ll benefit from our convenient move-in concierge to help alleviate the stress of moving day. 

Pacesetter Homes has partnered with Virtuo, a modern move-in concierge service that offers live assistance on a variety of moving and home maintenance services. Automatically when you buy a Pacesetter home, our move-in concierge redirects all your utilities and your mail! 

Along with these services, you’ll enjoy access to the Virtuo smartphone application where you can easily manage your household needs. The app offers in-depth communications with real-time notifications and announcements related to your move and home maintenance services. 


Through the app you can secure a variety of curated services: 


Hiring Movers 

Gone are the days where you and three friends share a pizza and break your backs moving furniture. Select from curated moving companies to help you pack, move, and retain your sanity. Storage services are also available if you find you need time between moving out of your old home and moving into your new one. 


Move Out Cleaning 

One of the most exhausting things about moving is cleaning out the old home. Once all that furniture is moved out, it is surprising how much dirt and dust is left behind. Save yourself the trouble and secure the right team to clean your old home and take care of junk removal. 


Hanging Art and TVs 

Hanging things on the wall so they’re straight and stay in place can be a challenge. Through the Virtuo app, you can enlist someone else to do this for you, making sure your TV is installed securely and your wall art is hung properly. 


Lawn Care & Snow Removal 

We all lead busy lives and taking care of the lawn and removing snow in a timely manner can be strenuous. Virtuo offers a selection of companies to tackle these regular maintenance tasks for you, along with seasonal clean-ups and landscaping services. Bundle discounts are available if you book multiple services in advance. You also have the option to book single services, or book maintenance for the whole season. 


Connect with Your Community 

In addition to the wide variety of home maintenance services available through the app, you can also connect with your local community to access exclusive deals and events. 


In addition to the variety of valuable services available through the app, you’ll receive real-time notifications pertaining to your move’s progress and the services you’ve ordered, and reminders when tasks are required. Communicate quickly and easily through the app to order, manage, and pay for your additional home maintenance services. 

But everything you do in the app isn’t entirely virtual. If you need a real, live person to assist you with any part of your move or maintenance services, you’ll have your own dedicated, human concierge to work with you. 

At Pacesetter Homes, we know that your enjoyment of your new home extends far beyond move-in day. We are dedicated to adding value to your new home experience by making moving easier and helping you find the right businesses to take care of the home maintenance tasks so you can focus on your brand new home.