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home maintenance springInspecting your home on a regular basis, along with following good home maintenance practices are the best way to protect your new home and your investment. By establishing a routine you will see that the work is easily handled and quite manageable. By doing a little bit at a time it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Most home maintenance is seasonal, so it’s easy to figure out what’s coming up. Here’s what you need to check for spring (which is generally from March to May):

    • Check attic and ceilings
    • Check sump pump – ensure discharge pipe is connected and allows drainage away from the foundation
    • Check eaves troughs and downspouts
    • Clean humidifier
    • Inspect basement and/or crawl spaces
    • Check roof
    • Check driveways and walks
    • Inspect fences – repair/paint as needed (ensure wood fences are completely dry first)
    • Check ground slope
    • Check caulking
    • Check exterior finishes
    • Check and clean windows and screens – repair and replace as needed
    • Check teleports
    • Inspect hot water tank temperature and pressure relief valve – careful: possibility of hot water release that could burn; consult your manual
    • Get fireplace and chimney clean and service (wood-burning)
    • Check and drain dehumidifier; clean if necessary
    • Test smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms
    • Examine foundation walls for cracks, leaks or moisture – repair as needed
    • Check exteriors for any holes and seal off
    • Re-level exterior steps/deck if needed
    • Start landscape maintenance – feeding lawn and young trees

One more thing: you should check your furnace filter and clean your range hood monthly. These are easy to do and can save you a lot of money.

Keep in mind that if you’re not comfortable with certain tasks, there’s nothing wrong with calling a professional out to come and do it for you!

What spring maintenance tasks are you taking care of? Did we miss one on our list? Leave a comment in the box and let us know!

Image courtesy of, @Cebas1